DFB Healthcare Acquisitions Corp. (DFBH) – A Trader’s Perspective

Before making a move on any particular stock, readers often pay close attention to support and resistance markers. The last reported price for shares of DFB Healthcare Acquisitions Corp. (DFBH) was $10.25. Currently, the 1st Resistance Point for this stock is $10.30, with a 2nd Resistance Point sitting at $10.35. Meanwhile, this company’s stock has a 1st Support Level at $10.20 and a 2nd Support Level at $10.15. DFB Healthcare Acquisitions Corp. (DFBH) stock has gained $0.15, or 1.59%, in the past five days. In the last full month, these shares have gained $0.15, or 1.49%. In the past three months, this stock’s price has risen by $0.24, or 2.40%. This year-to-date, DFB Healthcare Acquisitions Corp. (DFBH) shares have gained $0.42, or 4.27%.

Analyzing price projection indicators is a helpful way to determine whether a potential stock buy is a wise choice for profits in the short term, medium term, and long term. For DFB Healthcare Acquisitions Corp. (DFBH) stock, 80% of short-term indicators suggest that these shares are a “ Buy .” Meanwhile, 100% of medium-term indicators point to this stock being a “ Buy .” Looking further ahead, 100% of long-term indicators suggest that this stock is a “ Buy .”

With 31,250 K shares outstanding, this company currently has a market capitalization of $320,313K. DFB Healthcare Acquisitions Corp. (DFBH) generates annual net income of $2,090 K. This stock has generated a 1-Year Total Return of 6.77%, a 3-Year Total Return of 0.00%, and a 5-year Total Return of 0.00%. This stock’s 5-Year Dividend Growth is 0.00%. Its Annual Dividend Yield is 0.00%, and its Annual Dividend Rate is 0.00.

Turning our focus now to insider trading activity, there have been 0 purchases (0 shares in total) and 0 sale (0 shares in total) in the last 3 months. In the last 6 months, there have been 0 insider buys amounting to 0 shares and 0 insider sales amounting to 0 shares. In the past full year, 0 insider purchases were made (involving 0 shares) and 0 insider sell-offs equivalent to 0 shares.

Moving onto liquidity, DFB Healthcare Acquisitions Corp. (DFBH) has a Current Ratio of 1.58, a Quick Ratio of 1.58 and a Cash Ratio of 1.35.