About Us

The company specializes on the long and short equities analysis. They are considering any special situations at the market.

It was founded by two devoted dividend investors in Italy. Fifteen years ago, after leaving their perspective jobs at the market, they decided to concentrate their abilities at the stock market. Both of them came up with the idea that undervalued investments are the best option for dividends.

They started to analyze national and international markets. It did not take long until they become famous among investors. Their client base started to increase. At the same time, they hired new employees to help their business to grow.

Famous financial writers quickly gained their reputation by creating original winning portfolios. They decided to work with undervalued stocks from the very beginning and they still continue to work with them.

Still, they are making investments themselves and double check all the information about every company that sells stocks.
Their portfolios are 100 000 dollars high yield profit. And they are trying to make it unique for every unique case.

The company works with high risks, willing to accept it for reaching the higher goal. However, their good reputation proves that clients are their main priority at the market.

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