Our Team


Willam Josephs

Email: contact@finchnews.com

Willam Josephs is an expert in tech stocks. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics from Strathmore Business School. Willam is well equipped in asset pricing and data analysis and has been working with various stocks for the past three years amusing vast knowledge and experience. The writer focuses on the technicals analysis of stocks.


Linda Nelson

Email: nelson@finchnews.com

Linda Nelson is an astute financial and analytical writer and commentator. Currently writing for several financial blogs and websites on Financial and Digital money markets as a freelancer.

Albert Erickson

Email: erickson@finchnews.com

Albert Erickson is a Mutual Fund and IPO content creator at Trudex. He has been active in the cryptocurrency space for the last 3 years. During his 3 years in the industry, he has provided advisory services to investors on high returns stocks.

Nick Charles

Email: charles@finchnews.com

Charles is a financial analyst who love to analyze and write about financial markets, currently writing for multiple business websites and blogs as a freelancer.

Arshely Montana

Email: montana@finchnews.com

Arshely is a dedicated and deeply motivated financial writer with a Midas touch for the US Stock Market. I have published for most publications in this niche and I believe that my columns are a Must Read.